Veziano the baker

Bakers for three generations

Since 1924 at N° 2, rue de la Pompe, the Veziano family has upheld the tradition of bread-making as well as a host of regional specialities: pissaladière onion tart, Swiss chard pie or orange blossom sweet breadcakes.
The alchemy is passed down from father to son.

The first bakers, Antoine and Aurélie, passed the baton to Jean and Francine, who in turn handed over the oven to Jean-Paul and Joëlle, perpetuating their elders’ bakery secrets.

La famille Veziano autrefois La famille Veziano aujourd'hui
LE Pain JPV - Boulangerie Veziano - 2, rue de la Pompe - 06600 Vieil Antibes - tél./fax 04 93 34 05 46 - email :
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